Student Desking with a Twist


Incorporating mobile desks, tables, and seating offers instant adaptability and flexibility within any learning space. As a class changes activities from an individual to a partner or collaborative group settings, students and teachers should be able to rearrange desks and tables easily to fit the need of that activity. Every move is critical in active learning spaces and trends are showing that shape is also a piece to this ever-changing puzzle. Trying to create these flexible zonal areas with traditional-shaped desks can be challenging.

Shaped to Fit and Ready to Move

Mobile student desks with shaped tops that can fit together like puzzle pieces offer the flexibility of creating areas for small or large group activities. Creating a U-shaped large group set up is perfect for presentations. Clusters of 2-5 desks offer collaborative areas for small group projects. Individual tables or desks offer individual work options such as test taking or quiet study.


Complete the Puzzle

Join the unique desktop shapes in a variety of ways to fit your learning space needs. Ergonomically designed and highly versatile MiEN’s tables and student desks provide an infinite amount of configuration choices giving you flexibility and workspace comfort for both student and teacher. MiENs student desks and tables are customizable and made to fit any classroom or collaborative setting.

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Source: 4 Growing Trends for Active Learning Spaces 

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