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Delivering Flexibility and Style

EHOVE Career Center is a leading career tech school in Milan Township, Ohio. This unique high school draws students from a variety of locales, and serves multiple school districts. The school’s faculty and administration requires productive and comfortable work environments with optimal storage, ergonomic workspace, and collaborative spaces for small gatherings. MiEN company’s design solutions provide collaborative tech-ready furnishings throughout the Career Center that have created a comfortable and inviting environment for students, teachers, and parents alike. 

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The Challenge

The Career Center envisioned a school with modern, tech-ready furniture that appeals to students that range in age, learning styles, and comfort levels. In addition, EHOVE sought to create an active learning environment and areas for collaboration, group learning, and impromptu discussions. “Our vision was to create a space that had a fun, energetic atmosphere that could be adaptable and agile enough to support a vibrant, diverse community of learners.” – Dave Jenkins, EHOVE Operations Director and Project Manager 

The Opportunity

Once MiEN Company was selected to furnish the new and renovated EHOVE Career Center, MiEN had the opportunity to showcase their products that support collaboration in a wide range of applications, from smaller dedicated collaborative areas to larger open community spaces. MiEN’s design team met with EHOVE and their dealer to help determine which products would best fit their vision. With product requirements and requests identified, the design team shared product insights and answered questions to develop preliminary concepts. 

It Begins with a Vision

The design and space planning process was highly collaborative and included key contributions from EHOVE, the dealer, and MiEN. MiEN Company designers produced CAD drawings and layouts that provided the visual support that aided in the space planning and decision-making process. Once EHOVE was satisfied with the furniture layouts, the MiEN designers created 3D renderings to better envision the finished areas. With the 3D renderings, the team was able to see products represented with their chosen fabrics, finishes, and complete layouts.

The Return

Serving the needs of over 3000 high school and adult students, the new and renovated EHOVE Career Center facilities now provide swiftly adaptable classrooms that support both hands-on learning as well as lecture-style classes. EHOVE’s atrium space, which is equipped for plugged-in collaboration, group learning, and impromptu discussions, is now jam-packed all the time. “We really have a showplace here and it’s incredibly functional as well,” says Dave Jenkins. “MiEN understood the vision and delivered.”

  • BFF Stacking Café StoolBFF Stacking Café Stool

    BFF Stacking Café Stool

  • OAR 4-Leg Nesting ChairOAR 4-Leg Nesting Chair

    OAR 4-Leg Nesting Chair

  • GMAB Multi-Purpose ChairGMAB Multi-Purpose Chair

    GMAB Multi-Purpose Chair

  • BRB+ Flip-Top Training TableBRB+ Flip-Top Training Table

    BRB+ Flip-Top Training Table

  • BFF 4-Leg ChairBFF 4-Leg Chair

    BFF 4-Leg Chair

  • Chameleon Lounge™ Teaming Sofa

    Chameleon Lounge™ Teaming Sofa

  • Chameleon Lounge™ Chair with Tablet Arm

    Chameleon Lounge™ Chair with Tablet Arm

  • F4A Café Table

    F4A Café Table

  • THX Multi Corner Teacher Station

    THX Multi Corner Teacher Station

  • THX Standard Computer TableTHX Standard Computer Table

    THX Standard Computer Table

  • 2G2BT Standard Presentation Station with Side Surface2G2BT Standard Presentation Station with Side Surface

    2G2BT Standard Presentation Station with Side Surface


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