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A strong visual image reflects a school community and can play a key role in a student’s perception of a place and its environment. How a space looks and feels sets a tone and sends a message to students of at every age. Studies have shown how students and teachers are more productive, healthier, and have a greater sense of well-being in bright, colorful environments that encourage open thinking and innovation. Entering a bright, colorful space can motivate students to think and learn creatively. Whether it is for the classroom, collaboration area or an entire school space, inspire students through fun and function with style and comfort in your next design.

Furniture designed for movement and collaboration gives teachers flexibility and adaptability in the way they teach.
Perfectly suited for the role of today's Library spaces, MiEN's furniture is flexible, adaptable and ready for the always-changing technology requirements.
Media & Technology Center
Creating spaces that inspire and connect with tech-ready, made-to-move furniture that enhances the learning experience in the Media & Technology Center.
Administration Offices
Administrators love collaborative tech-ready offices furnishings that are comfortable and inviting but still offer privacy for individual work.
Teacher Planning Areas
Unique furnishings to create Teacher Planning spaces allowing teaming, collaboration, and interaction, but also areas for quiet task work.
Common Areas
Ergonomically designed with contemporary style MiEN creates furnishings for the connected network of formal and informal Common spaces beyond the classroom.
Collaboration Spaces
Mobile, modular and welcoming furniture pieces to support and enhance spontaneous learning in Collaboration Spaces.
Multi-Purpose Spaces
Flexible furniture options for Multi-Purpose Spaces that encourage social interactions and spontaneous learning opportunities.
Computer Lab
Flexible, collaborative plugged-in furnishings for a Computer Lab space.
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